Laser Therapy for Pets

laser therapy for pets

At Circle of Life Animal Hospital, we believe in providing the very best veterinary pet laser therapy for our patients. We utilize the Companion 4th Generation Therapy Laser, the top pet laser therapy tool in the industry, as a part of our pet pain management protocol in our Tampa veterinary hospital. We use pet laser therapy for a variety of applications, including:

  • Chronic joint injuries
  • Cruciate ligament sprains
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Muscle and joint sprains or strains
  • Pain management
  • Partial cruciate ligament tears
  • Post-surgical therapy to help reduce swelling and promote healing
  • Soreness after agility training
  • Therapy for wound and laceration healing
  • Treatment for ear infections
  • Treatment of arthritis pain
  • ...and more

How Does Pet Laser Therapy Work?

The Companion Laser Therapy tool emits changing frequencies and wavelengths of light (called “cold laser”) that bring healing nutrients and regenerative cells into the injured tissue. This is a non-invasive treatment option and the light is applied to the surface of the skin above the affected area.

One of the many benefits of the cold laser tool that we utilize at Circle of Life Animal Hospital is that it has the ability to use pre-programmed frequencies and power strengths proven to be effective for specific injury types. In keeping with our commitment to individualized care, we also have the ability to override these settings, ensuring that we use the best pet treatment style for your particular pet’s needs. We monitor each pet’s response and determine the length of the session and depth of the pet treatment based on each of our pets needs.

Do You Know the Difference Between 4th Generation and Earlier Generations?

We are proud to use the latest cold laser therapy tool, the 4th generation cold laser. There are many types of “cold therapy lasers,” but the 4th generation is the most advanced. Based on therapy lasers used in human medicine, its lasers can penetrate deeper into the tissues in a much faster period of time. 2nd and 3rd generation cold lasers can take 4 times as long to emit the same amount of energy into tissues and can only penetrate a third of the depth that the 4th generation can reach. This is extremely important when considering larger pets or those who have a more difficult time standing in one place for long periods of time. It can benefit your pet that we are utilizing more advanced technology that allows pet laser therapy treatment sessions to be shorter while just as thorough.

Getting Started With Your Pet’s Laser Therapy Treatment

There are so many pain management options available for pet care, and the Circle of Life Animal Hospital team is committed to listening to your needs to help us determine what will work best for you and your pet. Our team will ask you a number of questions about your pet’s specific issues, including:

  • When is your pet the most uncomfortable?
  • What makes it worse?
  • What makes it better?
  • Once therapy begins, what is working?
  • What needs to be tweaked?

We never use a “one size fits all” program. There may be similarities in treatment regimens between pets, but your pet and your observations, along with our physical exams and diagnostics, are what make the programs personalized to each pet, and therefore more successful.

Initially, a one-hour extended exam is recommended for chronic injuries or chronic arthritis so we can develop a plan for diagnostics that are needed to help identify the condition and also give us a starting point to work from. We have digital in-house x-rays and an in-house laboratory so we can have same day results to help us get started sooner. We always recommend that you hold off feeding your pet if you have a morning or early afternoon appointment (water is fine!) in case some tests need to be run.

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