Pet Health Certificates

health certificates for pets

Are you taking a trip and bringing your pet with you? The veterinary team at Circle of Life Animal Hospital of Tampa can help get them prepared with a pet health certificate for travel. We recommend that you schedule a visit with us to discuss your travel needs. Although pet health certificates are only good for approximately ten days and requirements are subject to change with international consulates without notice, we recommend beginning to prepare for your trip several months in advance, just in case.

Even when flying inside the continental United States, it is important to contact the airline you are traveling on to find out if they require a pet health certificate for your pet to board the airplane. Will they let your pet travel in the cabin under the seat in a crate? Do they have to go into cargo? When should you feed and water them? We can help you with the specific questions you need to ask so there are no surprises on your travel day.

​​​​The Process of Obtaining a Health Certificate for Your Pet

The process of getting a pet health certificate for your pet includes such things as ensuring that your pet is healthy and disease-free, guaranteeing that they are vaccinated against infectious diseases, and more. If you are traveling internationally, each country of destination has different requirements in order for your pet to be allowed into their country; some of them even require your pet be quarantined for a period of time! We want to discuss these requirements with you in advance to make sure every step that is needed is done at the appropriate time.

We are here to help ensure you and your pet have a safe and happy flight!

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