Pet Microchipping

pet receiving a micropchip

Pet Microchipping

Has your pet been microchipped? We all hope to never lose a pet, but the reality is that one out of every three pets will become separated from its owner at some point in its life. While this separation may be the result of your pet getting through an open gate or running a little too far past the property line, there can also be more sinister reasons at play. Pets can be stolen or even picked up as strays and brought to shelters instead of making it back home to you where they belong.

In the event of a separation from your pet, having your pet microchipped with a registered microchip is essential. While other forms of identification, such as collars and ID tags, can fall off or be removed, microchips are a permanent form of identification that ensures that your best friend is linked to you for life! The good news is that most animal hospitals, shelters, and rescue groups in the nation have the capabilities of scanning your pet’s microchip to access your information and make sure that you and your pet are reunited. Take Tucker's story, for example. Due to his microchip, we were able to reunite him with his family!

Natural Disaster Preparedness

We highly recommend pet microchipping because of our potential for natural disasters in this region, especially during hurricane season. When severe weather strikes, pets and their owners can be separated in the ensuing chaos, so it’s important to make sure that your pet is linked to you, just in case. Many hurricane shelters will not accept pets along with their families, and pets are instead diverted to registered hurricane boarding facilities. There are so many stories of pets and their owners losing each other under these circumstances, and because of pet microchipping, there are also many stories of pets and their owners being miraculously reunited. We want to see you and your pet have an amazing story to tell instead of a tragic one.

Microchips We Offer At Circle of Life Animal Hospital

We offer the Avid microchip as well as the Universal Pet Microchip for pets that are traveling overseas. We check microchips yearly to ensure that they are working and registered properly. Contact us today to schedule your pet’s microchipping. There’s no time to lose!

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