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Submit Our Forms Electronically

At Circle of Life Animal Hospital, we are now happy to offer an electronic form for new clients to make your pet’s first visit even more convenient! This feature enables you to complete your paperwork prior to your visit at our animal hospital. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about the New Client Form.

Please complete the information below and be sure to click ‘submit’ upon completion.

New Client Form



Do you have a copy of your pet's medical records?

If you selected 'yes' please email the records to upon completing this form.

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Professional Fees Are Due At The Time Services Are Rendered.

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I, the undersigned, acknowledge that by submitting this form I authorize Circle of Life Animal Hospital to examine my pet and provide an estimate for any diagnostics or treatments during my pet's appointment.

Medical Work Up Inquiries for Drop Offs

Owner Name


Pet Name

What problems are your pet experiencing?

When did the problem start?

Is the problem the same, better or worse?

Are there any medications being administered?

If yes, then what is the milligram strength and how often are you administering it? i.e "one and a half tablet of 300mg Gabapentin twice a day, at breakfast and then before bed."

What is your pet's current diet and feeding schedule?

Eating Changes?


Any changes in water consumption?


Any change in bowel movement?


Any vomiting?


Do you need any medication or food?

Audio/Photo/Video Release Form

Owner Name

Pet's Name

I permit Circle of Life Animal Hospital to record, own, publish and republish information about my pets for educational, marketing, and publicity purposes such as but not limited to their website and social media accounts.

I acknowledge that the pictures or recordings taken on this date and at any point after then become the sole and exclusive property of Circle of Life Animal Hospital.

I release Circle of Life Animal Hospital from any and all claims that might arise from the use of these images and/or recordings.

I, the undersigned, have read and fully understood the terms and conditions of signing this photo release waiver.

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