Digital Pet X-Rays

digital x-rays

Veterinary diagnostics are extremely important for pets of all life stages, and at Circle of Life Animal Hospital, we are always seeking to provide the best for our patients. Digital pet radiology is one of our diagnostic tools that we are so pleased to be able to offer.

Digital pet radiology allows us to immediately view your pet’s x-rays on the screen and to share these with you in the exam room on our computers! We use this for a variety of diagnostic purposes, such as arthritis, fractures, locating foreign bodies, examining internal organs and more. The benefits of digital pet radiology are many, including:

  • Capturing images with greater ease
  • Images can be stored in electronic files and easily copied to a CD for the owner to have for their personal records, or electronically shared with radiologists for consultations and second opinions, if needed.
  • Less exposure to radiation
  • Most pets do not need sedatives to be x-rayed with digital equipment (however, certain types of positioning require sedation for the comfort of the pet and to capture quality images – such as hip x-rays)
  • Sharper image quality
  • Electronic radiograph files allows the doctor to “remote in” to the computer to view the x-rays from anywhere in the country!

If you have questions about our diagnostic tools at Circle of Life Animal Hospital please contact us.

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