Tips to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Periodontal disease is a common dental problem in pets. It can affect your pet’s overall health if not treated. Fortunately, it is one of the dental conditions that you can prevent by maintaining good pet oral hygiene.


One of the best ways to maintain good oral care for your pet is to brush their teeth regularly. It may seem basic, but it is very rewarding. Brushing removes plaque and tartar stuck on your pet’s teeth. If the bacteria are not removed, it gets into the pet’s bloodstream affecting the major organs.


Brushing your pet’s teeth can be quite hard at first, especially if this is the first time. It would be best if you kept at it until your furry friend gets used to the tricks. You can ask your pet’s vet to advise you on the best methods to brush your pet’s teeth.


However, here are a few tips you can use to promote your pet’s dental hygiene:


Start Early


It is best to start brushing your pet’s teeth at an early stage or when they are young. If you do that, your pet becomes familiar with the routine, making it easier for you. Note that when your pet loses baby teeth, it is better to avoid brushing their teeth because they are slightly sore and can be painful. You can continue once the adult teeth start growing.


Be Patient


Getting used to something new can be challenging even for human beings. So, be patient with your pet. It may take time, but they eventually get used to the routine. You can make it fun as well by playing games and reward them when they cooperate. You can make it a routine just before dinner to make them feel like they get a reward every time they cooperate.


Start by Rubbing the Teeth with Your Fingers


It might be hard to start using a toothbrush for the very first time. Therefore, dip your fingers in beef bouillon or any wet pet food, and then rub your pet’s gums or teeth. That way, your pet can relax since it is fun for them.


Use a Soft Toothbrush


Once your pet gets used to you rubbing their teeth with your fingers, you can slowly introduce a soft toothbrush. Brush gently in a circular motion starting from the gum to the tip. You can also brush their tongues, but it is not a must. Always make it fun by giving your pet some treats every time you brush their teeth. That makes them look forward to the sessions, and that is good.


Consider Other Dental Products


You can use gels or oral rinses as an alternative to toothpaste. You can also ask your veterinarian to help you select the best option for your pet. Most importantly, avoid using human toothpaste, as it is harmful to your pet if swallowed.


With the above tips, you can now comfortably brush your pet’s teeth and be one step forward to eradicating dental diseases.


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