Pet Health Certificates: What You Need to Know

A pet health certificate is a document that certifies that your pet is free from disease. The official document also indicates the vaccines that the pet has received and is up-to-date on. The certificate contains information about the pet, including age, breed, and identification or microchip data. 

A pet health certificate can only be obtained from a licensed veterinarian. Your veterinarian will need to be USDA accredited to give out health certificates. The veterinarian will perform a thorough examination before filling out the certificate. 

Why You Need a Pet Health Certificate

As a pet owner, you will need a health certificate for your furry friend at some point. A certificate proves that your pet is healthy. Pet health certificates help prevent the spread of diseases. The spread can occur during travel or when a pet who may be sick is sold. 

There are different guidelines that you will need to follow when obtaining the health certificate. Your reason for seeking the certificate will determine the various guidelines. Make sure you contact your state USDA office to find out the specifications that you require for the certificate.

Provide Proof of Health

A pet health certificate provides proof of the animal’s health. If you are planning to sell a cat or dog, you will need to provide a health certificate. The certificate indicates that the animal has been vaccinated and has received a clean bill of health. The certificate is especially essential when selling pedigree pets. Your vet can help you navigate all the details and the certificate requirements. Declaring your pet healthy and vaccinated is important.

Traveling With Ease

If you are planning to travel with your furry family member, you need a pet health certificate. A health certificate is required for all international and interstate travel. Virtually all commercial airlines require the certificate before allowing a pet on the flight. 

The time frame for when the certificate should be obtained will vary from one airline to the next. When planning your trip, make sure to contact the airline to find out their requirements.

Returning With Your Pet

You will most certainly need a health certificate when coming back home with your pet. The guidelines will vary depending on the country or countries that you visited. The certificate will indicate whether your pet has been inoculated against certain diseases. 

There are specific rules and guidelines for animal imports. You need to ensure you familiarize yourself with the rules. These are in place to guarantee that exotic diseases are not introduced into the country.

Cost of Pet Health Certificates

The cost of a pet health certificate varies depending on different factors. These include age and type of pet, the cost of veterinarian consultation, and your location. The vaccines required will also determine the cost. If you obtain the certificate from an animal shelter, the costs will be much lower, and the consultation might be free. 

The cost of vaccines may also be lower at an animal shelter. Depending on your location, you may end up paying between $35 and $100. You need to realize that pet health certificates have an expiry date. They usually expire 30 days after the date of issuance.

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