Laser Therapy for Pets with Chronic Joint Injuries

Chronic joint pain is a real struggle for anybody who has experienced it. Any type of movement, and even just sitting still can range from mildly uncomfortable to excruciating. If you have personally experienced this pain, help from a doctor is probably one of the first things that you looked for.

Unfortunately, many pets deal with pain from a chronic joint injury for far longer than they should. That is why, at the Circle of Life Animal Hospital in Tampa, we specialize in helping to identify and treat pets who suffer from this condition. We have always ensured that we stay on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine to offer your pets the best care available. When it comes to managing chronic joint injuries, laser therapy is one of the best treatment options.


Using Laser Therapy for Pets

We strongly advocate against the use of animals to test products before they are used on humans, and lasers are one area of medicine that has met this bar. In fact, laser therapy was first used on people to help solve a variety of their medical issues before veterinarians recognized the benefits for animals too. Now, lasers are in use in veterinary offices who have determined that the care of their patients was worth the cost of equipment. They also participate in additional training to safely and effectively treat your pets.


The type of therapy that is used to help treat chronic joint injuries is called a cold laser or a low-level laser. This approach utilizes laser therapy that targets the upper layers of the skin and does not have the increased potential of damage from burns or cutting of higher-powered lasers. The cold laser therapy helps to stimulate cell regrowth and also improves blood circulation to the targeted area. The increase in blood flow can aid cells in regrowth and help to speed up the healing process for damaged cells.


How the Treatment Works

Treatments will vary based on the type of animal, their diagnosis, and the severity of their condition. Typical laser treatment sessions last between three and twenty minutes, depending on those factors. However, your pet does not have to be sedated. You are even encouraged to sit with your animal to help keep them calm during their appointment.


Pets can be nervous for their first appointment, and some pets are more prone to anxiety when even coming into our office. This demeanor often changes after the first treatment, though, as the results help your pet to feel better, and the procedure can even be a comfort for your animal. Many animals will also come in and lie down immediately so that their treatment can begin.


During an initial exam, we will identify the cause of your pet’s injury and see if laser therapy is the right treatment option. If it is, we will work with you to determine the appropriate treatment plan. We often suggest multiple initial appointments to help the joint quickly heal and recover, but then we can begin to add more time between the treatments. Laser treatments can be completed multiple times per week, and even multiple times per day to help make your pet feel their best. The treatment is eventually reduced to just once every two weeks or less before your pet has fully recovered.


In addition, laser treatment does not have to be the only part of your pet’s therapy. We can often utilize several different approaches to care for your animal.



If you think that laser therapy may be an option to help your pet, call Circle of Life Animal Hospital today and schedule your appointment now.


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