Hurricane Season Preparedness: Pet Edition

Hurricanes are powerful storms that can cause life-threatening flooding, storm surges, and high winds. When preparing for a hurricane, most people tend to forget their pets. You need to plan for pets separately because they require different care from human beings. Having a safety plan for them will prevent them from getting lost, injured, or facing worse consequences during the hurricane.

The following are tips on how you can prepare your pet for a hurricane:

Start Training


Most pets do not do well in new environments. This is why training is one of the most important things you can do for your pet. During the hurricane, several events will happen that may lead you to evacuate the pet. Therefore, you need to train him to adjust to conditions such as spending time in a crate or in a vehicle for long periods.


Update the Pet's Vaccines


Make sure to follow your pet's vaccination program strictly and be up to date. The hurricane may force you to take the pet to a shelter where he will interact with other pets from diverse backgrounds. Before the pet is admitted to the shelter, the caretakers will ask for the vaccination records.


Microchip the Pet


A microchip is a great way to store the owner’s information securely in the pet, in a way the pet cannot lose it. In case the pet gets lost or you take it to a shelter, scanning the microchip will reveal all the important details about the pet including the owner’s contacts. Another non-invasive way of storing such information is using a tag. This can have the pet owner's name, address, and phone number securely fixed on the pet's collar.


Have a Pet Emergency Kit Ready


A pet emergency kit is an assortment of supplies in a pack that the pet might need in the event of a hurricane. Some items you can store include:

  • At least two week's supply of clean water

  • At least two week's supply of nonperishable food

  • Food and water bowls

  • Litter box or disposable garbage bags

  • Medications that your pet may need

  • Medical records

  • Microchip information

  • Leash and crate

  • Comfort items such as toys

  • Contact information of the owner


Make a Hurricane Safety Plan


Ensure that you make a hurricane safety plan specifically tailored for your pet. The plan should include the immediate steps to take in the event of a hurricane and the caregiver who would take responsibility for your pet in case you are not able to. Also, make sure to have the hurricane safety kit in an easily accessible location.


Prepare for Possible Injuries


The pet can be harmed at any time during the hurricane. It is important to have a well-equipped emergency pet first aid kit with you. This will help take care of any injuries before they get worse. Additionally, the first aid kit can help save the pet's life as you look for veterinary care.


Do Not Ignore Evacuation Warnings


Keep up to date on news concerning hurricanes and other extreme weather disasters. Make sure to evacuate on the first warning. This will give you enough time to carry all the items you need and go to a safe place.

To know more about hurricane preparedness for pets, visit Circle of Life Animal Hospital at our office in Tampa, Florida. You can also call (813) 850-0600 to book an appointment today.

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