How Can I Help My Dog With Itchy Ears?

Your dog's ears are prone to various health problems. Some of these ear problems can lead to itching and discomfort for your dog. You can do a few things to make sure your dog's ears are in good shape. Among these are regular ear inspections and cleaning. 


Keeping your dog's ears in good shape can keep a lot of issues away. You should also seek veterinary attention when you notice something wrong with your dog's ears. Doing this can stop more serious problems from developing. 



What Are the Signs of Ear Problems?



When you notice any of the following signs, you should see a vet:


  • Constant scratching and itching
  • Ears produce a strong odor
  • New lumps or bumps in the ear canal
  • Reddening in and around the ears
  • Discharge coming from the ears
  • Fresh or dried blood in the ears
  • Loss of hearing
  • Balance loss


Some scratching of the ears is normal. But if you notice that the scratching is getting vigorous and the dog is rubbing its ears on other surfaces, there is a problem. 



What Are the Causes of Itchy Ears?



There are various causes of itchy ears in dogs. If your dog has itchy ears, it could be because of:



Ear Infection



Dogs' ear canals are usually L-shaped; this makes them prone to ear infections. You can avert most ear infections through regular cleaning of the ears. If you observe the signs of an ear infection in your dog, you should take it to the vet. 


The moist environment in a dog's ears is prime for bacteria to grow. These bacteria and fungi are what cause ear infections. Ear canal injury, foreign bodies, earwax buildup, and too much ear cleaning can also lead to an ear infection. 



Ear Mites



They are tiny parasites that make their home in the ear. They can become very contagious. They eat skin oils and earwax. They hatch within four days and mature within three weeks. When your dog has an ear mite infestation, it will scratch excessively and shake its head vigorously. The ears may redden, inflame, and become irritated. Ear mites produce a black discharge and cause an odor to emanate from the dog's ears.






Your dog might have hypersensitive reactions to its environment, food, or other allergens. It might be an allergic reaction following the production of excess wax, odor, or red ears. Your dog might shake its head vigorously and rub its ears on other surfaces. It would be good to take your dog to the vet to identify the allergen.



How Do You Treat Itchy Ears?



The treatment for itchy ears will differ depending on the cause. When you notice your dog presenting symptoms of an ear problem, you should take it to the vet. It is better to arrest the problem early on. Early detection can prevent more damage to your dog's ears.


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