Autumn Holiday Tips

This season sees an abundance of observed holidays and traditions such as Rosh Hashanah, Halloween, Día de Los Muertos, Thanksgiving, and more! Celebrations like these usually call for feasts and candy and decorations and props and family coming over and traditional equipment  and, and, and- D ON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR PETS!

Regarding holidays, we furless bipeds love to decorate and theme-up the space! For some of us decorating is the best part, and that's fine- we just urge you to be mindful of your pet. They get so curious and curiosity may not have killed the cat but it sure sent them to the emergency hospital. Make sure your decorations are out of the swatting/snacking range of your furbabies.


Before the family comes over for a COVID- safe holiday, allow your pet a spot to hide. Just like us, our four-legged pals can get overwhelmed and anxious. It helps to have space for them to get away and decompress.

Halloween Pet Tips


  • If you plan on dressing your companion up then make sure the costume is not too tight or too loose. We're going for a Goldilocks fit here! If the costume is too loose then it could snag on furniture or shrubs, however, if it is too tight then your pet will be very uncomfortable and attempt to take it off themselves!
  • Have a talk with any little Ghouls and Goblins that share a space with your pets about how dangerous candy is for their furry friends! This goes without saying but do not allow your pet to ingest any of the candy, especially chocolate.

  • Keep your pet in a separate room away from where all the common traffic is going to be, i.e the door, if they are wary of strangers. They are easily excitable and could possibly feel threatened by the influx of masked/costumed strangers nearby! This also decreases the chances of your pet slipping outside.

 Thanksgiving Pet Tips


  • Trust us, we know how tempting it is to feed your pet a little bit of something off ya' Thanksgiving meal plate! We know. We would love to tell you that just a littlllleee bit of turkey wouldn't hurt...but it could! If your pet is on a low-fat diet then that piece of turkey could cause severe GI upset, and believe you us, that is not a mess you want to clean up on Thanksgiving day!
  • Also, we all know that mashed potatoes pair very well with turkey. With a little drizzle of gravy...and a side of dre-don't feed your pets human food as some of the seasonings we use are toxic to animals!  Keep an eye out for your pet ingesting any food item that contains garlic,leeks, chives, grapes, raisins or onions, especially. These are very harmful to your pet and could result in an emergency hospital trip on Thanksgiving!
  • "It's okay, I can wait."
    • Keep your trashcan out of reach for your pet as well. Some of these guys like to be real sneaky and grab a bite once the food is unguarded and tossed away! Your trashcan should be secure and away from your pet's naughty nose.
  • We mentioned earlier to be mindful of how you decorate, this includes flowers and any decorative plants! There are lists you can reference for plants that are toxic to cats and dogs.
  • Last, but not least, stay vigilant of your pets around any exits. Visitors may have your pet wanting to bolt away, or even if they are comfortable with visitors, we don't want any Houdini disappearing acts. The Great Outdoors was a good movie...however the experience may not be so great for your pets!


Long Walks

This sweater weather affords you the chance to make up all those walkies you had to cut short during the summer heat! We're not here to discourage you from stretching your legs and getting in some outside time with your pet. We're here to remind you to be careful with what your pet could ingest during an outside excursion. Make sure to keep an eye on them as the Fall time is when a lot of fungi sprout and grow. It can be hard for the untrained eye to know which species of fungi are edible for pets or not, we recommend not letting them eat anything found outside just in case! If the threat of stressful GI developments isn't enough then know it is possible for the fungi to cause a flare in your pet's skin allergies.


Getting Ready for Winter in Florida


Usually Autumn is the time many Floridians begin to gear up for the Winter season. This includes protecting the house from pests like rodents and stocking up on antifreeze.

If you use rodenticides please understand that these are very harmful to your pet. So keep the pesticide away from areas that they frequent! The same goes for traps set out to catch pests in the act of invading your home, check them regularly to be sure that your own fur-friend didn't get caught instead. Especially if you use rodenticides, dispose of any pests accordingly so that your pet may not view them as a 12 am snack. Your pet would be ingesting the chemical and this would end up in a 12 am emergency visit.

PLEASE store your antifreeze in a safe and secure area. Antifreeze smells and tastes sweet despite it being fatally toxic to our feline and canine companions! Once you top off with antifreeze, please store it properly as just a few tablespoons are deadly.

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