Reasons to Vaccinate Your New Pet

The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends regular vaccinations for all pets. If your new pet has finally arrived, it is important to start the vaccination series right away. Like humans, pets can also be vulnerable to many diseases. Some of these ailments can even be life-threatening to them and the human members of your family. If you want to ensure your pet’s optimal health, here’s what you should know about the reasons to vaccinate your new furry companion.

Protection for Yourself and the People Around Your Pet

When you introduce a pet into your home, part of your priority is to safeguard your health and safety. This is the same for the people around your pet. Certain diseases in animals are zoonotic, which makes them transferrable to people and other animals. Some of these diseases are:

Rabies. This is a highly communicable disease that can be transmitted through the scratches or bites of infected animals.

Heartworm. This is a parasite that is transferred to pets and humans through a mosquito bite. It matures and targets the heart.

Leptospirosis. This disease can enter your pets while playing on soil or in water.

Lyme disease. This is a condition that you and your pet can get from the bites of infected ticks.

Community Safety

You help trigger and sustain herd immunity if you vaccinate your pet regularly. Other pet owners in the area may realize the importance of pet vaccinations once they see how diligent you are about it. You impact your community when you practice prudence with your pet. With this, you are certain to help in protecting your entire community from zoonotic diseases.


When you immunize your pet and follow through with the boosters, you save a lot on veterinary medical care. Vaccinations help prevent diseases. They are less expensive than the treatments necessary for the illnesses that your pet might contract.

Stress Alleviation

The moment your beloved pet gets sick, the anxiety rises. It gets worse when your pet ends up getting admitted to a vet hospital. Regular pet vaccinations prevent you and your pet from experiencing this kind of stress.

Acceptance in Pet Boarding Facilities

You’ll never know when you might need to leave your furry companion in the care of a pet boarding facility. To make sure that the facility accepts your pet, you should always update your pet’s vaccinations. These facilities usually need complete shots against rabies, canine parvovirus, canine influenza, kennel cough, and distemper. Play, grooming, and feeding times are the crucial points of contact in pet boarding facilities. Regular vaccinations ensure the safety and well-being of the caregivers and other pets in the facility. If all of the pets in their care are well-protected, then the facility will be a haven for humans and pets alike.

Take note that it takes some time for your pet to build strong immunity against diseases. Starting vaccinations on time and updating them regularly can protect your pet effectively. At Circle of Life Animal Hospital, we encourage our new pet parents to have their pets vaccinated. Visit our animal hospital in Tampa, Florida or call us at (813) 850-0600 to schedule an appointment.


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