10 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween is just around the corner. You must be hanging spooky decorations and buying candy by now. As you start your Halloween preparations, think about your pet’s safety during the celebration. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals encourages pet owners to take simple precautions to keep their pets safe during Halloween. If you’re ready to make your home a haven for your pet this Halloween, here’s what you should know.

Keep Wires and Decorations Out Of Your Pets’ Reach


Always think of your pets when you decorate your home. For Halloween, be sure that they can’t reach wires and candle-lit jack-o-lanterns. They might get shocked or burned out of curiosity or playfulness. While decorative corn and pumpkins are non-toxic to pets, they may still cause stomach pains when your pets chew on some of them.

Hide the Human Treats


The candy you buy is for the trick-or-treating kids and the human members of your family. You should place your candy bowl on a high counter and cover it. If your pet is a problem solver, then you should get a pet-proof container for the sweets. Keep your xylitol and chocolates in a high, closed cupboard and lock it. These ingredients can cause health problems in your pets. Being cautious can help save you a stressful trip to the emergency vet hospital in Tampa FL.

Make Pets Easy-to-Spot


On Halloween night, everyone will be walking around a lot in the house. If you plan to take your pet trick-or-treating, your pet could run off suddenly. To avoid losing track of your furry family members, place glow-in-the-dark collars around your pet’s neck or little strobe lights on your pet’s existing collar. You can also microchip your pet to make finding your runaway pet more easily.

See if Costumes Are Okay


Take note that although they look cute in costumes, pets don’t always accept what you make them wear. Animal behaviorists say that your pet should like putting on the costume first before you make your pet wear it. Costumes may cause stress and confusion in your pet. Also, be sure to choose pet costumes that are made with pet-friendly materials. They should not have small parts that your pet could chew off and swallow.

Place Pets in a Comfortable Place


When the trick-or-treaters come, the front door will open and close constantly. This is a tempting opportunity for your pets to run off into the crowded streets. That could be a scary situation for your pet and a stressful one for you. Preventing a “runaway pet scenario” is better. You can do this by keeping your pets in a quiet room, with food, toys, water, and their pet beds. There, they could just relax and even nap off the Halloween festivities.


Halloween is a fun holiday that you and your pet should enjoy. At Circle of Life Animal Hospital, we always remind our pet parents to be extra careful with decorations and treats during celebrations. Please visit our animal hospital in Tampa Florida or call us at (813) 850-0600. That way, we can help schedule your appointment or answer your questions about our Halloween pet emergency services.






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